Burner Service, Heating and Cooling Installation and Repairs

We have a nationally recognized, Gold Certified Technician with 18 years of field experience on staff. When you have a furnace or boiler to keep your home, farm or business in Delaware, OH and the surrounding areas warm, you can feel confident contacting McWherter Petroleum Services. Heating oil is safe, but like any heating system it needs regular and proper maintenance to maximize efficiency and extend the life of the system. We are a ThermoPride dealer and provide air conditioning installation and repair as weel.

TermoPride installation

At McWherter Petroleum Services in Delaware, OH, we provide everything you need to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When it comes to burner service, furnace and boiler repairs, heating oils, and more our motto is “one call does it all.”

Burner, Furnace, Boiler, and Tank Services

Dirt, corrosion, and sludge buildup can cause a host of problems when it comes to your heating system. However, regular maintenance and repair can increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and prevent costly repairs. McWherter Petroleum Services provides a whole host of burner services and more to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers throughout the greater Deleware, OH area and beyond including:

  • Burner Maintenence
  • Burner service
  • Furnace and Boiler repairs/service
  • Tank installation
  • Tank placement
  • Full equipment repairs and replacements

Whether you need service and maintenance for your burners or you need heating fuel for your furnace or boiler, the only oil company you need to call is McWherter Petroleum Services. Contact us today!